Graduate Students

I supervise students working on a range of subjects including citizenship, national identity, intersectional subjectivity, critical social policy analysis, kinship and family, political economy, and law and society.

Current Students

Christine Funk (MA student), “Secret Agents: Mothers and Disability Assistance in Alberta”

Recently completed students

Margot Challborn (PhD thesis, 2022), Complicated Love: Parentage, Conjugality, and Family Diversity in Canada.

Daisy Raphael (PhD thesis, 2021) A Landmark Celebration: Canada 150, Settler Colonialism and the Politics of Diversity & Reconciliation.

Iliana Turner (MA thesis, 2021) “The Borders of Sexuality: Immigration Policy and Sexual Education in Canada”

David Seeman (MA thesis, 2019) “Racial Terror in Toronto’s Gay Village: A Critical Race Analysis of the Bruce McArthur Case and Police Inclusion in Toronto Pride.”

Margot Challborn (MA thesis, 2016) “Autonomous Mothers and Social Policy: How the CCTB, UCCB,  Alberta Childcare Subsidies Govern Women’s Autonomy in Motherhood”

Anjil Shimoon (MA project, 2016), “Work is Work is Work: Knowledge Production and the Social Construction of Child Care in Canada”

Amee Barber (PhD, 2014) From the Red Light to the Red Carpet: Legalization, Deliberation and the Paradoxical Challenges to Sex Work Policy in the Netherlands

Leah Ward (MA project, 2014) “Transgender in the Irreversible State”

Lena Saleh (MA thesis, 2013) “Boxes Fulla Fun: The Fulla Doll, Identity and Consumption in a Globalizing Arab World.”

Jessica Kolopenuk (MA thesis, 2012). “Canada’s Indians (sic): (Re)racializing Canadian Sovereign Contours Through Juridical Constructions of Indianness in McIvor v. Canada”

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