Graduate Students

I supervise students working on a range of subjects including citizenship, national identity, intersectional subjectivity, critical social policy analysis, kinship and family, political economy, and law and society.

Current Students

Margot Challborn (PhD student), Parentage and Family Diversity in Canada.

Recently completed students

Daisy Raphael (PhD thesis, 2021) A Landmark Celebration: Canada 150, Settler Colonialism and the Politics of Diversity & Reconciliation.

Iliana Turner (MA thesis, 2021) “The Borders of Sexuality: Immigration Policy and Sexual Education in Canada”

David Seeman (MA thesis, 2019) “Racial Terror in Toronto’s Gay Village: A Critical Race Analysis of the Bruce McArthur Case and Police Inclusion in Toronto Pride.”

Margot Challborn (MA thesis, 2016) “Autonomous Mothers and Social Policy: How the CCTB, UCCB,  Alberta Childcare Subsidies Govern Women’s Autonomy in Motherhood”

Anjil Shimoon (MA project, 2016), “Work is Work is Work: Knowledge Production and the Social Construction of Child Care in Canada”

Amee Barber (PhD, 2014) From the Red Light to the Red Carpet: Legalization, Deliberation and the Paradoxical Challenges to Sex Work Policy in the Netherlands

Leah Ward (MA project, 2014) “Transgender in the Irreversible State”

Lena Saleh (MA thesis, 2013) “Boxes Fulla Fun: The Fulla Doll, Identity and Consumption in a Globalizing Arab World.”

Jessica Kolopenuk (MA thesis, 2012). “Canada’s Indians (sic): (Re)racializing Canadian Sovereign Contours Through Juridical Constructions of Indianness in McIvor v. Canada”


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